Highlights from VG-Lista 2018




Mads Hansen performs “Sommerkroppen” / Photo courtesy of Krister Sørbø

Mads Hansen performs “Sommerkroppen” / Photo courtesy of Krister Sørbø


VG-Lista celebrated it’s 60th anniversary this year. The tour kicked-off at Rådhusplassen in Oslo for the 20th time, where a crowd of 35,000 fans were joined by thousands watching at home via a live broadcast on NRK. After Oslo the tour went to Trondheim, Bergen and Tromsø - connecting fans with brands around a shared love of music.

Together with our sister company, Monster, who once again created the spectacular TV production, Playroom were pleased to be a proud partner of VG and NRK for the sixth time.

We asked Playroom project manager Stian Solbakken Gjesdahl a few questions about the event, he answered most of them:

Describe VG-Lista to those who may not have heard of it…

VG-Lista is the highlight of the year for the younger, pop-music loving generation in Norway. It’s a completely free, public concert tour that visits the biggest cities in the country. The show is broadcasted on NRK1 and VG.no, and you can listen to it on NRK radio.

How many people came to the concerts?

If you include everyone - the people working for us, our partners, visitors, artists and audience it is around 100,000 people. 

How long did the event take to plan from start to finish?

7 months, non-stop! 

What was the biggest production challenge you faced?

We had great summer weather at every location, it was one of the best summers of all-time, but Trondheim didn’t get the memo. The weather was so bad that day that just one hour before the show there was only 1,000 people at the venue. There was a huge storm and the lightning was so close that I told the executives at VG and NRK that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be possible to do the concert. Then 15 minutes before we went live, the incessant rain stopped and over 10,000 people showed up. It was a great show in the end.

What artists did you feel got the best reaction from their audience?

Mads Hansen had a monster hit this summer with “Sommerkroppen” (pictured above, video below). He is an ex-football player but he was treated like the biggest pop star ever.

Any behind-the-scenes gossip?

What happens on tour stays on tour but I can say that one member of the Playroom team really had the eye for one of our male artists.


Hmmm... Intriguing.

Photo courtesy of Krister Sørbø

Photo courtesy of Krister Sørbø