Say hello to our new Project Manager - Andrea Finseth!





We’re happy to expand and strengthen our team with another Project Manager, Andrea Finseth. Andrea joined us on 1st November, the same day as we got our Creative Advisor Catharina Meinich Langfeldt back from her maternity leave. What a day! Welcome (back) ladies!

Andrea comes from a position as Creative Project Manager in 6. Sans, and has also been working in WAL (We Are Live) for a while, after she finished her Experience & Event Design-degree at Westerdals Oslo ACT.

We asked Andrea a few questions:

What was the first band you ever saw live?

It has to be the Kaptein Sabeltann band and show in Kristiansand together with my brother when I was four years old. I could all the lyrics by heart and was so excited. When they started playing, I cried because of the excitement. I was also very scared of the characters at the same time. The pyro-effects and the incredible show was too much for me to handle, but at the same time it was my biggest and most fun happening I had ever have had at the age.  

What is your favorite film?

I believe my favorite film is Pans Labyrint (El Laberinto del Fauno). I love the sad beauty in the movie, and the dark undertone, and especially the incredible scenography by Eugenio Caballero and Pilar Revuelta.

If you could take one book to a desert island, what would it be?

The Harry Potter books. It is difficult to choose one of them, but if I had to, I would choose The Prisoner of Azkaban. 

How long have you been working in events?

Three years.

What got you interested?

I actually graduated at Westerdals with a bachelor degree in Experience and Event Design. We learned a lot about how to make a memorable experience in a room, and it was at that time I found out that I wanted to be the person that create experiences for people that will last a lifetime.  

What is the best event you have ever attended and why?

I lived in Argentina for a while. One night I had a date with a friend. He invited me to a secret mini concert in an Old Catholic church. The church was dark and empty, but by going through the halls, we suddenly heard some music. We entered a room inside the church; the room had a high ceiling, worn white cobblestone walls, and candles in all corners. Suddenly there it was! A small band that played acoustic gipsy music. The vocalist had a sore and almost crying voice. The acoustics and atmosphere of the room was amazing. It really got straight into your heart. Without saying anything, a man came up to us and served us beautiful wine. We stayed there all night. I will never forget that experience.

When you are not organizing events, what do you like to do?

I go on croquis courses once a week. You only have 1-3 minutes to form a body position, and I like how it makes me focus on the big picture, rather than small details. In addition I love to dance until late at night.

Welcome Andrea!