Visualising sound


Why it is very important to listen to your audience


Jeppe Sundt Jørgensen


It has long been thought that the actions of football fans in a crowd can create reactions in players on the pitch. We often hear comments from players on how football fans can “suck the ball into the net” and the theory of the “12th man” making the difference in home games is often discussed. For the first time though, that sonic influence is being measured, as CNN reports.


German football giants Bayern Munich have partnered with Siemens and Signac Noise to install new acoustic camera technology at Allianz Arena in an effort to visualise the relationship between the fans and the players on the pitch by creating a 3D model of the excitement. It is a fascinating project which demonstrates that Bayern Munich are going to great lengths to understand their audience, a core belief of Playroom, in order to improve all aspects of their organisation. 

The team itself will benefit as this information can be used to create a better atmosphere during games. The marketing department will have unique insights into the players popularity, with the sound tracing which players get cheered the most and by who. Plus, Bayern Munich and their partners are also developing their own intellectual property that can be sold to TV companies and other sports teams. All this from just listening, very closely, to their audience.

This attention to detail is crucial when it comes to planning events and brand experiences. The more we listen to what our audience are saying, the more we will learn about them and the more effective our experiences will become.

Allianz Arena, Munich / Photo by Kostya Golinchenko

Allianz Arena, Munich / Photo by Kostya Golinchenko