The importance of graphic design




Ever since I was a teenager trying out both the internet and the Adobe programs for the first time, i’ve been interested in graphic design and photography. My style has changed for the better (I’ve stopped trying to make everything look vintage), and I’ve become very picky about products and brands around me, based on its look and feel. Design is an action that leads to a reaction. It has impact on my everyday choices - and yours to!


It’s actually become sort of an obsession, an annoying thing I can put away. If I walk around in the city I can’t help noticing every logo and typography around me, and reflect around whether it’s a good design, communicating what it should and true to the message it is supposed to tell. It’s become annoying when I can’t help not noticing an ad with a bit too tight spacing between the text lines, a sign with a hyphenation error or a restaurant logo which is just made with an ugly font. There is definately other people out there with the same obsession as me, but I think the truth is that everyone is affected by design in some sort of way - most people without even knowing og noticing.

So why is the design so important? Even though you’re just a small sushi shop in the city centre or a firm that sells services that has nothing to do with esthetics? The simple answer is that it makes you look good. Like a person who took a shower and put on some nice fresh clothes rather than a person coming home after an 12 hour flight in his joggers. A professionally designed logo help make a good first impression on the potential clients, which is kind of crucial. With all the information, commercial and social media around us, we only use seconds to form an opinion about something before our attentions shifts to something else. With that said, a person who is on his or her way to get a haircut and sees three hairdresser shops, will use seconds to subconsciously decide which shops looks more professional. That first impression might last quite long! It’s not rocket science or something new that we human being go for things that looks good and feels safe.

The other day, me and our Project Leader Andrea went to get some food after work. We stopped by a kebab shop, and the first thing I saw was of course the facade of the shop, with the logo proudly printed on the glass. While Andrea got her kebab, I stood there getting annoyed about the logo. Why is pizza typed with lowercase letters and KEBAB with uppercase letters? And why did they choose a pizza and a burger on the logo when it says pizza and kebab? This said, this logo is far from the worst out there. Ugh, now you can imagine my daily struggles getting hung up in details.


I know that fast food shops are not recognized for their good design, but I imagine that if one of these shops had used some time on their appearances(both design and interior), I would find it so much more appealing eating there! That action would make a good reaction.

SNL made a sketch about this that was so recognizable to us struggling with these unneccesary hangups. Now i’m left thinking about that gruesome Avatar logo..

I might just be a snob too, I know. But no doubt - looks do matter when it comes to design!

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