Making The BEAT Festival


Playroom produced the first ever internal event for Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group). 1900 NENT employees, across brands and borders, was invited to Stockholm on june 11.

Being that our audience in this case was all of our colleagues, definitely made us eager to deliver an experience that they would not soon forget. The pressure was on, and we worked non-stop to create memorable moments together with the project group at NENT.


 We named it ‘The BEAT Festival’. The name stems from our new company values; Bravery, Equality, Appreciation and Trust.

We gathered not only to celebrate NENT Group’s one year anniversary, but to start our journey as ONE company, with ONE culture. What unites us all at NENT Group is our passion to create meaningful moments and evoke emotions with our content. The essence of our values is defined by the beat we all have pulsing inside us. Defined by our people. Defined by the boundless passion we all share at NENT. 



The location was Tele 2 Arena in Stockholm, and we transformed the arena into a NENT universe. The event was a one day festival of storytelling! Entertainment talk shows, sports talk shows, sport challenges, exclusive screenings of our original content, musical performances, lots of fun activities, festival food and drinks. The BEAT festival brought the NENT Group together so that we now can begin to build our own stories.

Playroom Event