Say hello to our (not so) new project manager Malene Bjørgaas


Malene joined Playroom in 2018 as a project coordinator on a temporarily contract. Having smashed everything she has worked on out of the park, we are delighted to announce she has been offered a full-time contract as project manager.

In her time at Playroom to date, Malene has successfully delivered projects for clients such as Ruter, Møller and Fargerike as well as contributing to several winning pitches. We look forward to watching her grow into her new role.

So, who is this woman? We asked Malene a few questions.


What was the first band you ever saw live?
Oh! The first memorable one was Coldplay in Oslo Spektrum on my 18th birthday. It’s to this date one of my top ten concert experiences. I was at the very front, when the luminescent butterflies fell from the roof during ”Lovers in Japan”.

What is your favorite film?
I don’t think I have one. The socially acceptable answer it probably Shawshank Redemption right? It all depends on my mood that day! But to be honest I can always watch «The DUFF» or «To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before», binging «One Tree Hill» or any highschool chickflick. I know, it’s pretty lame. It’s a guilty pleasure. I love it. 

If you could take one book to a desert island, what would it be?
The Bible, you should have seen that one coming. That’s 66 books in one and some great stories ;) I mean I hope I don’t ever get stuck on a desert island, cause I love Harry Potter as well… and I would probably miss it.

What got you interested in Playroom?
The team, the enthusiasm, the humor, friendships. Even if there’s a ton of work to be done, or we’re working towards impossible deadlines. We always have time to be nice to each other and care.

What is the best event you have ever attended and why?
My own birthdayparty is up there, but I guess I have to say Coachella. Great weird colorful art, the greenest grass you’ve ever seen, the most organiced camping area and shower system (yep!), beautiful lightdesign everywhere, constant concerts in a lot of different venues, the best takeaway pizza ever, and everyone just have this free vibe. Dress however you’d like.

When you are not organising events, what do you like to do?
Running, youth work, hang out with friends, watching Suits, paint and draw, playing squash. Right now I’m aiming for a Half marathon, let’s hope I survive.

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