Unwinding from the hectic pace of everyday life


Written by Playroom CEO
Karoline Amundsen

Sometimes we all really need to unwind and get our minds set on something else than work and the practical everyday life. One of my secrets for doing so, is building a good and old fashioned jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle just like the ones you played with when you were young, back then with 25 pieces or less, only this time it has advanced to 2000 blue shaded pieces with microscopic details. My tip to you is that the next time you consider lying down on the couch watching series, why not wipe the dust off a jigsaw puzzle, get your partner to join you and challenge your brains in a new way? 

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It sounds nerdy and it sure is, but did you know that building puzzles has a lot of benefits? Not only is it a fun social activity to do with your family or friends, it’s beneficial for you mental and physical health. It’s believed to improve your memory, give you better problem-solving skills, increase your IQ, lower your stress level, delay symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, increase your productivity and better your collaboration skills.

Researchers at Yale University have actually found that giving people the opportunity to work together on solving puzzles allowed them to improve relationships and their abilities to cooperate to finish a task. So not only can you improve your health, you can also impress your boss with bringing a jigsaw puzzle to the next strategy summit at work.

Source Yale: https://beingwell.yale.edu/news/building-jigsaw-puzzles-helps-build-collaboration-344-winchester

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