My Reactions by Luna Christofi


In the first of a series of interviews on the subject of action and reaction, we asked NENT sports presenter Luna Christofi about the things that have caused her react, both at work and in her personal life.

Luna joined the MTG group in 1998 as a journalist and reporter for Viasat Sport, Denmark. Since 1999 Luna has been based in Spain working as the TV station’s Sport Correspondent covering the UEFA Champions League and, since 2014, also the Formula One World Championship.

Luna has been privileged to have witnessed some amazing sporting moments and is on the front line for Champions League football matches and Formula One races all across the globe. Who better to know what actions cause reactions?

Has anything in particular made you laugh or smile recently?

The other day on my way to F1 in Singapore, I read the book “Og sådan blev det” written by Maren Uthaug (she is half Norwegian, half Danish). It is actually her debut novel and a very successful one that does make you smile mainly due to its wonderful bizarreness. Talking about action, her principal character, Kristen, is a girl/woman full of action and reaction. Check it out.

Has anything in particular caused you to react negatively recently?

The political situation in Spain where I live causes so much negativity. The last election was held in April but the voted members of Parliament haven’t managed to form a government yet. Instead we are now facing a new election in November probably with a very low participation.

Has anything happened to make you feel inspired recently?

The tennis player Rafa Nadal is always a huge inspiration, but he added an extra layer to that “always” when he won the US Open recently. He was crying like a baby and I think all of us watching did too. He never gives-up, he keeps insisting and he manages to beat all injuries and deliver one amazing comeback after the other, suffering a lot along the way.


What book, album or movie has a had a lasting impact on you and why?

The Norweigian writer Karl Ove Knausgaard’s “Min Kamp” (six volumes) have had a big impact on me. So well written, so well told and so frank and sincere that it almost hurts reading it.

The movie “Elegy” based on the great novel “The Dying Animal” written by Philip Roth and directed by Isabel Coixet, is unforgettable. It shows how important it is to say things and to react when you love someone. It reminds you that it is not a good idea to guess what people think and feel. Talk to them instead of guessing.

What person’s actions have a had a lasting impact on you and why?

My first Head of Sport in this job, Jørgen Madsen, definitely left me with a still lasting impact from the years we worked together. His way of looking after staff and motivating people around him are seldom seen. He would often join us on TV productions and never hesitate to carry the tripod.

What is your most memorable meal and why?

My most memorable meal took place in the Greek island Hydra in a small bay many years ago. A restaurant owner, a local Greek guy, was catching octopus by hand-diving. Following he hung them on the clothesline outside the bar before they were grilled with a bit of oil and garlic. Never before nor since have I had such a delicious octopus.

Thinking about live events or experiences, what is the most interesting or incredible reaction you have ever seen from a live audience?

Without any doubts that day in August 2010 when FC Copenhagen outqualified Rosenborg and made it to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Just as the match ended, the coach Ståle Solbakken came running towards me (I was waiting at the touchline to do live interviews). He grabbed me and lifted me up and danced around the place with me in his arms while people in the stands were cheering. He was so happy and I was probably a strong symbol of the Champions League since I had already covered it on television for years at the time.

Anything else you would like to say about the importance of actions and reactions?

One of the worse things in life is the lack of reaction and response when people act in an indifferent way. It is preferable to get a negative reaction than no reaction at all.


What an amazing career! We think we can learn a lot from Luna’s insights for our events and experiences. Importantly, make sure you do cause a reaction in others, rather than to do something average that does not get a response. Talk to our clients about what they want - don’t guess. The smallest of actions – for example carrying a tripod – can still make a big impression and when it comes to truly memorable food, things don’t need to be complicated.

We will also aim to do what Luna has done for her entire career – to always ask questions and create actions that provoke debate. 

Thank you for the inspiration Luna!

Tom O'Donnell