We believe the best creativity has a target so at Playroom we put the audience at the heart of everything we do. We understand that the right actions create the right reactions. Before we do anything, we make sure that we first understand the reaction a brand is looking to make on it's audience. Then, and only then, do we tailor the action to create it. The answer could be a concert for 30,000 people, an employee engagement programme or a social media campaign, but the question is always “what reaction are we looking for?”

We apply this thinking not only to our audience but also to the world around us. We understand that our own actions cause reactions. That is why we believe in respect, both for the people we work with and the environment we live in.

Playroom is a full-service event and experiential agency based in Oslo but working internationally. We are part of Nent Studios and the Nordic Entertainment Group - a leading international entertainment collective. We are shaping the future of entertainment by connecting consumers with the content that they love in as many ways as possible. Our brands span TV, radio, events and next generation entertainment experiences in esports, digital video networks and online gaming.


Our people


Helge WolD

CEO / advisor

Helge is Playroom’s lead Account Manager, lead Creative and lead Producer, or so it seems sometimes, as this workaholic gets involved with all aspects of the business. With over 25 years experience in advertising and marketing, Playroom’s leader also gained valuable insight by being on the customer side for ten years. Is that why he is so demanding?

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Karoline amundsen

COO / senior project MANAGER

Project manager with 14 years experience from the television and event industry. A university graduate who financed her studies with television jobs while completing her main subject in media science. Karoline graduated with a master’s degree but she was captured by the magic of the event universe and has been with Playroom for 10 years.

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project MANAGER

Stian is a skilled project manager with experience of both events and television production. He has been the project leader for the VG Lista Tour, Gullruten and a number of large conferences and jubilees in recent years. Stian loves sports, and is more than happy to take a challenge. Once he competed in an Ultra Marathon lasting 48 hours, running 203km. The consequence was one week in bed and he has mostly followed running on television in recent years.

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Jeppe sundt jørgensen

senior producer

Jeppe has 15 years of production experience and is one of our longest-serving members of staff, having been with Playroom since 2011. Jeppe started his career as a Floor Manager for television shows and when he is not eating pizza, he is a regular at Playroom’s Monday morning gym sessions.

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catharina meinich langfeldt

creative advisor

Catharina has a wide-range of experience in concept and idea development, creating everything from communication concepts and plans to designing lectures, content and tailor-made tools. Catharina also works closely with the client with the design of communication for all surfaces; print, web and screen.

+47 980 18 031 //


tom o’donnell

CCO / creative DIRECTOR

Recently moved to Oslo from London, and with 20 years of global experience in events, advertising, film and TV, Tom is a multi-award winning Creative who once hijacked the Queen of England’s birthday to provide a 48-mile Royal Air Force flyby for his wedding guests.

+47 489 90 369 //


julie solberg

art director

Art director and handywoman. Without Julie Playroom would definitely have fewer and more thirsty plants. She loves using her hands to create, everything from knitted sweaters to furniture, food and ceramics. Besides this Julie holds a bachelor degree in Art Direction from Westerdals and does most of our graphic work, some project leadership now and then, and everything in between.

+47 993 42 289 //


Karine tobiasson jebsen

project MANAGER

Karine has worked as a marketing manager and within sales/consulting for the last 14 years. Karine is the newest member of the Playroom family, and fits right in. She loves to host events and is very happy to do so as a full time job. With two kids, a husband, mortage and soon to be 40, she has started all her childhood activities again.

+47 461 30 718 //


erik solem

senior producer

Erik Solem has 25 years of experience in television and event productions with special expertise in production, management and content. When he is not producing events Erik is a director, regularly working on live broadcasts from the Eliteserien. Erik really likes sweet chilli sauce.

+47 908 57 175 //


JAN kristoffersen


Jan is Playroom’s musical maestro. A talented pianist, who regularly supports leading Norwegian artists on tour, Jan uses his insider knowledge to book and arrange many of the stage performances at Playroom events. When not helping clients Jan can be found DJ’ing at Playroom staff parties or putting together Spotify playlists, some of which you can find on this site. Enjoy!

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andrea finseth

project MANAGER

Like Sara and Julie, Andrea is a graduate of Westerdals School of Art and Communication where she studied Experience and Event Design. For the past five years Andrea has worked with some of Norway’s leading event agancies and as soon as Playroom spotted her talents, we snapped her up. Andrea became Playroom’s newest recruit in November 2018.

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sara laarej berg

project coordinator

Sara came directly from Westerdals School of Art and Communication and straight into Playroom’s 2018 VG-Lista production as Project Coordinator. One of Sara’s highlights of the concert at Rådhusplassen was when the Project Leader (mentioning no names but pictured above) locked himself in the toilet for 20 minutes. Instead of being sympathetic Sara could not stop laughing for over three days. Just the medicine she needed during a hectic period.

+47 936 86 657 //


malene bjørgaas

project manager

Project manager and all-round potato (goes with anything) with 4 years experience in event management. From creative and design to blogging and budgets – she loves a challenge. Malene is known by her friends for throwing birthday parties with seminars about smalltalk and other fascinatingly nerdy topics. By now it’s a welcomed tradition. Whats the point of a party without learning?

+47 936 58 320 //


jonas kaasa arntsen


Jonas is from Bø in Telemark, he loves events, family and golf. Jonas spent 15 years as a freelancer, working as a Project Manager and adviser for many of Norway’s leading agencies. Jonas is a very experienced event person with a wide-range of skills and expertise. Despite attempts on numerous golf courses, he has never been near a hole-in-one.

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This is the real secret of life—to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realise it is play.
— Alan W. Watts